Net policy 2022

  • It is the policy of Kings Hill Cricket Club that all official club-run ‘junior net sessions’ are supervised by a minimum ECB level-2 qualified coach or senior playing member.
  • The nets should not be used unless supervised by an ECB qualified level 2 coach or senior playing member and are only to be used by Adult Cricket Club Members.
  • Junior members (Under 18 & parents) are only permitted in the nets if the following two points are met: 
    1. When they are accompanied by someone over the age of 18.
    2. The adult over 18 is a Level 2 Coach, Junior Coach, Junior Manager or Adult Cricket Club Member.
  • Individual kit bags must be placed outside of the nets where players are unlikely to be at risk of being hit by a cricket ball.
  • Full protective kit must be worn by all participants.
  • Over 18s who do not adhere to this rule do so at their own risk and Kings Hill Cricket Club will not be liable.
  • No participant should be put under any undue stress or pressure whilst participating in these sessions. Participants will be advised of all aspects of ‘net safety’ by the coach or senior playing member prior to the session commencing.


  • All cricketers waiting to bat or bowl are strongly advised to remain a suitably safe distance away from the striking batsman, and bowlers are to remain vigilant by facing the batter at all times, taking care not to cross into another lane to retrieve a ball.
  • When ‘padding-up’ each player must ensure it is done so outside of the net and not in the batter’s line of sight.
  • The number of persons bowling at any one time should never exceed the ECB’s recommended maximum of 6 per net for juniors.
  • The ECB fast bowling regulations regarding junior bowlers are to be adhered-to within practice situations. Any issues of concern should be brought to the attention of the Cricket Club Welfare Officer or Cricket Club official immediately.
  • Coach or senior playing member is responsible for locking the net facility after each session.
    All rubbish/litter is to be placed in the bin and the area left in good order after each session – no exceptions!
  • The Directors of Kings Hill Cricket Club reserve the right to refuse entry to any person without notice or reason if they feel it’s use it detrimental to the ethos and values of the cricket club.