Junior cricket

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To encourage and support children to participate, learn, build long-lasting friendships and develop their full potential as performers and young leaders as they enjoy the positive and memorable experiences associated with playing a team sport.

Junior cricket is the core foundation upon which Kings Hill Cricket Club is built.  Our program enables young people to participate together to harness and develop all abilities and provides the opportunity to contribute to the game of cricket at all levels.

We have a number of boys and girls Under 11 and Under 13 teams in the formal league structures. We also run a program of social and internal matches and cricket activities catering to younger children.

Aims of the junior cricket program at Kings Hill

  • Provide our juniors with a safe environment for participation, learning and success
  • Ensure that cricket is always played in a fun, yet truly sportsmanlike manner
  • Encourage and endorse both the laws and the spirit of cricket
  • Engage juniors through their cricket pathway and integration into senior cricket
  • Provide participation opportunities for all juniors in ours and the surrounding communities

Junior Player Values

Cricket is a game – enjoy playing the game with your teammates

Respect your opponents, umpires and coaches

Inspire your teammates by playing to the best of your ability

Conduct yourself in a safe manner at games and training sessions

Kings Hill Cricket Club is here to support you – talk to someone you trust

Encourage others around you to play the game within the Spirit of Cricket

Thank your opponents, umpires and coaches at the end of each game and training session